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A Girl in a Classroom

Creative Arts

Adolescent Oasis believes that our youth should be encouraged to utilize their creativity.   Programs are implemented where they can participate in various arts.  Activities such as piano, creative writing, poetry and dancing.  The arts program will help to encourage youth to use their gifts by participating in the art programs.  The youth will be able to attend the Summer Arts Program sponsored by Creative Healing Arts Ministry Program. (CHAMP) 


Self Esteem Fashion and Etiquette:

What you wear can be a huge part of forging that identity. For teens, clothing and hairstyles can express a kinship with particular styles or communities reflect their ethnic heritage or demonstrate how they want the world to see them. In addition, wearing clothes that help teens feel good about themselves.


Educational Field Trips:

Adolescent Oasis offers Educational Field Trips which are a wealth of fun, excitement, and opportunities for development. Field trips that encourage students to get outside and build a long-term connection with nature.

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