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About Us

Adolescent Oasis became incorporated on May 14, 1993 in Dayton, Ohio.  The Agency recognized that failed adoptions and kids in foster care was the root of why many kids were going to jail, being on probation and parole.  Our Agency recognized that there needed to be an organization to address these problems while the children are in foster care, where we might be able to help them from entering the jail system.  By doing foster care and adoption, there are 24 hours of control whereby professionally trained foster parents would have a therapeutic system that would help prevent kids from going into the penal system.

Adolescent Oasis, Inc., which our logo reflects, has the right circle of tools to work with and help to steer kids in the right direction.  Those tools are parent training, adoption, meditation, counseling, and workshops. Once an adolescent gets in the circle they are protected. Our children, which there are success stories, can continue to pursue their goals and build a better future for themself.

Our Mission

The main focus of The Adolescent Oasis, Inc. is to promote successful and healthy family and community relationships for at-risk youth.   Healthy children today will build a better world tomorrow.  We believe

that the family is the key to the many complex child-related problems today. Adolescent Oasis believes that we can accomplish our mission by providing a continuum of direct services to children and their families.


Adolescent Oasis seeks to provide services in a manner which keeps the intervention as brief as possible and provide services in the least restricted and most common setting for the children or youth and his family. Other community systems are involved in the service plan whenever possible.  Services are designed to be flexible enough to respond to the changing community and its needs.

Our Vision

To provide a safe haven for kids in order for them to build a better future.

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